Continuous Line

December Gladden


November 14 - December 19, 2015

'Spring'  (detail)
'Spring' (detail)



In Continuos Line, December Gladden utilizes color and line to illustrate the beauty in objects, people, and the abstract.  Conceptualizing the abstract into recognizable objects, the process begins with technical pens, or dip pen and ink, and then watercolor - often in multiple layers to brighten and add life to the starkness of lines. 

Inspired by the landscapes and people surrounding her, Gladden is also strongly influenced by German Expressionism, as seen in the sharp contrast between her use of color and the fluidity of line.  While watercolor and ink can be unforgiving, here they yield unplanned moments of grace and elegance.

December Gladden is a Chicago artist, currently living and working in North Center.  She studied painting and illustration at the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University, and she has had over a decade of experience as Director of Graphic Design at an architectural firm.  Working with watercolor and ink on paper, Gladden uses her current urban environment and her rural roots as her subject matter.

'30 Days' (detail)
'30 Days' (detail)
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