A typographic exhibition of society vs. self



Our morals, values, and fears can be given to us or gotten by us. They can also be heaped upon us by outside forces and consequently assumed by us as real.


In this exhibition Faust takes an internal look at selfhood and society's role within it, presenting a series of sculptural type assemblages that confront issues of stereotype as well as type profiling.



Drawing upon the language and tools of the design world, Bob Faust creates visual, visceral and contextual art experiences with the intent to make a difference.  He is the principal and creative director for Faust, a cultural branding and special projects studio straddling the disciplines of art and design. His collaborative and non-secular approach to his work results in functionally expressive visual experiences that inspire and instigate action. He is also the studio and special projects director for Nick Cave's studio practice. He has been recognized as a design leader nationally and internationally and has received many awards from publications and institutions such as Communication Arts, Print and How magazines, the Society of Typographic Arts and the London Creative Competition. He currently serves on the Appleton Coated Design Council as well as the School of the Art Institute’s Fashion Committee.