Co-owned and operated by Ross and Elizabeth Fiersten, Manifold is a studio that has been designing and producing refined metal furniture, sculpture, and accessories for over two decades.


The natural qualities of metal guide the studio's design process, while expertly finished joints and uniquely patinated surfaces are significant points of pride.  The current collection explores the space between sculptural form and functional object.  


Manifold houses a fabrication shop and showroom.  Twelve years ago, in addition to manufacturing hand-built high-end furniture, the business began hosting art exhibitions and welding classes.  At that time, Ross and Elizabeth decided to rename their business 'manifold' because a multitude of activities were coming out of one entity.


As exhibitions and welding lessons have taken a back seat to production and design work in the studio, a direct connection between the workshop and the showroom remains.  That connection reinforces a guiding mission: to overtly preserve the link from the object presented to the process of its crafting.


Manifold is grateful and honored to work with the following clients and collaborators:

Holly Hunt


Nick Cave

Richard Hunt Studio

The Conservation Center